The centimetre marking, the sliding stopper and the internal echo marker make it easier and safer to control the depth reached. The perfect coupling between needle and grip allows smooth introduction of the stylet into the cannula. The Chibell needle is equipped with a practical universal Luer-lock connector and an ergonomic grip made of transparent plastic so that the passage of fluids is visible. On request the Chibell needle can be supplied together with a support fin or easier introduction.
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CHIBELL: aspiration needle for soft tissues biopsy and prenatal diagnosis
For your convenience, different lengths and gauge needles can be made to order.
Gauge    Diameter       7 cm       9 cm      10 cm       12 cm       15 cm       20 cm       25 cm       35 cm       50 cm        box 
     16 G         1,60    CH1607EC    CH1609EC   CH1610EC   CH1612EC   CH1615EC   CH1620EC   CH1625EC   CH1635EC     CH1650         20
     17 G         1,47    CH1707EC   CH1709EC   CH1710EC    CH1712EC   CH1715EC   CH1720EC   CH1725EC    CH1735EC     CH1750         20
     18 G         1,27    CH1807EC   CH1809EC   CH1810EC   CH1812EC   CH1815EC   CH1820EC   CH1825EC   CH1835EC     CH1850         20
     19 G         1,10    CH1907EC   CH1909EC   CH1910EC   CH1912EC   CH1915EC   CH1920EC   CH1925EC   CH1935EC     CH1950         20
     20 G         0,90    CH2007EC   CH2009EC   CH2010EC   CH2012EC   CH2015EC   CH2020EC   CH2025EC   CH2035EC     CH2050         20
     21 G         0,80    CH2107EC   CH2109EC   CH2110EC    CH2112EC   CH2115EC   CH2120EC   CH2125EC   CH2135EC     CH2150            20
     22 G         0,70    CH2207EC   CH2209EC   CH2210EC   CH2212EC   CH2215EC   CH2220EC   CH2225EC   CH2235EC     CH2250         20
     23 G        0,60    CH2307EC   CH2309EC   CH2310EC   CH2312EC   CH2315EC   CH2320EC   CH2325EC   CH2335EC     CH2350         20
     25 G        0,50    CH2507EC   CH2509EC   CH2510EC   CH2512EC   CH2515EC   CH2520EC   CH2525EC   CH2535EC     CH2550         20
The CHIBELL aspiration needle can be used for various types of biopsies, such as cytological aspiration, amniocentesis, drawing chorionic villi, cystocentesis, cholangiography and needle aspiration. The special sharpening of the Quincke-type tip improves penetration making it less invasive and allows easily reaching the deepest areas preventing excessive deflections.